Learn About the American Express Pay with Points Plan

Learn About the American Express Pay with Points Plan AMT Travel is happy to offer more savings and peace of mind with American Express' Pay with Points plan. Even though customers of the American Express Membership Rewards plan could cash in their points for frequent flyer miles with other airline carriers, good flights were hard to come by. You now have the option of paying in full, or in part, all of your holiday packages, flights, accommodations, car rentals, or tours with your Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points. Redeeming your points is easy and quick – and AMT Travel can assist you. Just a few of the perks include:
-No travel blackout times – points can be used at any time for all travel.
-10,000 Membership Rewards points = $100 worth of travel.
-All your travel requirements are covered, including hotel rooms, car rentals, flights, tours, packages, currency exchange, travel insurance, and even airport taxes.
-You can even secure frequent flyer points on any travel paid for with points.
-You can pay conveniently using points in-store.
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-If you pay with points and your American Express card when booking, you will not be charged any extra fees.
AND..you can now also put your American Express points to use towards 1st class & business class travel directly through an AMT American Express Travel Representative!

Planning Your Family Vacation

Planning Your Family Vacation Remember that it might not be that easy to organize your upcoming family vacation.Planning Family Vacation 5874053688791.jpg As kids grow and change, so do their likes and dislikes. It does not matter if you are traveling with a big extended family or a smaller tight-knit unit, the ideal holiday is possible for all. It is significant in today’s crazy world that families have true “family time” and a family vacation is a great way to do this. Experiencing things together is not only good for individual family members, it also strengthens family ties. And they allow everyone to relax, appreciate life and create lasting memories. Family vacations, however, can be a daunting endeavor. Finding sufficient activities to keep everyone active is hard!
So what is the formula to a great family holiday?
Make certain that there is enough to do to keep all people content, no matter what age. Teens and tweens will have requirements that are completely different from the younger kids. Although family time is vital, teens will need some time to themselves sunning by the swimming pool, going out to explore on their own or meet up with other teens. Immersive travel is a way to uncover more about the place you are visiting and permits your family to be more than typical tourists. Unique and special experiences let you be part of the locale and let it become part of you. Discovering the stars in the night sky, feeling the splash of a whale, seeing the hatching of a sea turtle and roaming through the jungle will make you realize there is nothing more priceless in this world than travel. You can dive even further and pay a visit to children at a Masai Mara school in Kenya or get close to a glacier on a Zodiac in Antartica with a genuine marine biologist. Learning some of the local lingo and tasting some exotic food will have the whole family having fun.
Those looking for a luxurious and relaxing setting or wanting to uncover far-away places, the choices are never-ending.
Below is a short listing of just a few of the destinations to visit:
Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia
There is no other hotel in the world like the Nihi Sumba in Indonesia – it has been designated the best and most pleasurable hotel in the world. This spectacular place boasts stunning panorama and unique activities such as private surfing, horse back riding, an open-air Land Rover Safari, and a spa located under a waterfall.
Cruise the Italian Riviera
What could be better than cruising the Italian Riviera on a yacht? Here you will be able to do everything: shopping, touring, swimming or water skiing - or if your goal is to escape from the world, relaxing with a nice glass of wine. Embark on your travels in Naples, head to the Blu Grotto in Capri, Positano, and end them on the volcanic island of Stromboli.
The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana
Perhaps your thing is fishing, hiking or horse-back riding. But if your fantasy is to fall into the most plush bed ever at the end of your day, therefore you undoubtedly want to visit the Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. Rock Creek comes with grandiose cabins and the most current spa treatments around.
African Safari
A safari vacation is well suited for those who want to disconnect with the devices of the world and breathe in fresh air as well as re-discover nature. You and your family will be left in awe by the majestic beauty of the wildlife and the great plains of Africa.
Iceland is the place to go these days, and for good reason. It’s great if you are flying from the east coast and want to visit a magical place. And it offers grand adventure for the kids and extravagance for mom and dad. Not only that, your kids will be able to post photos of the Northern Lights and amaze all their buddies back home.
Another fantastic locale if you are looking to get away from the sweltering summer season months is San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia, an alpine style town in the hills of the Andes. To get to Bariloche, as it is colloquially known, is not complicated; it is a short 2 hour flight from Buenos Aires.
Costa del Sol, Marbella
Is your young one the next Roger Federer? And do you want to lounge in the sunshine with a margarita? Then Puente Romano Beach Resort in Marbella is your spot.
If you want excellent weather all-year, then go to Bermuda – and it is a convenient trip from the east coast of the United States. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, also named “The Pink Palace” by the local people, is ideal for all family members. Whatever family trip one chooses, it is destined to become the stuff of legend and will provide inspiring stories for countless years.

Aren't all Types of Cruises the Same?

Aren't all Types of Cruises the Same? There is virtually nothing truly comparable to a river cruise. They transport you at just the best pace, with just the right comforts, and just the right views. River cruises through Europe are popular for their excellent restaurants and wine lists, as well as outstanding service and lots of fun activities, and they travel leisurely enough that you can really take in the view of all the cities, towns, and landscapes you pass by or stop to visit. And one thing travelers really love is that they only have to unpack a single time. A vacation on one of these cruises takes you on age-old trading routes to the most modern-day cities and towns in Europe. The experience can be both immersive and relaxing as you cruise rivers like the Douro, Seine, Rhine, Volga, or Danube and take in the diverse vistas. You will have ample time to get to learn about the local lifestyle at each place. Guests can get off the cruise ship and walk around on their own or sign up for guided outings. There is always ample opportunity to find something to do in every port, whether it's visiting an ancient castle, getting tickets to a classical concert or touring a famous museum. And the amenities on these ships will ensure that you are comfortable and have everything you want.Aren't Types Cruises Same? 5005175488.jpg The staterooms come with a television, a safe for your valuable possessions, and a mini refrigerator, as well as a private bathroom and in-room temperature control. Additionally, these river cruisers include restaurants, lounges and bars, as well as free Wi-Fi. Some ships additionally come outfitted with libraries, boutiques, pools and/or sun decks.
The perfect vacay...
When you combine all of this, with excellent and personalized service from on-board staff, the result is a perfect vacation. Regardless of the time of year you travel, there will be special cultural experiences available to you at each destination. Outdoor events and happenings will be more common in the warmer months of spring and summer. Colder weather in the fall might mean you’ll run into fewer people in the streets of cities and ports you visit, which will allow you to take your time and get a closer look at attractions that interest you without feeling rushed or crowded. The winter months are a fun time to go if you enjoy seeing the diverse holiday festivities and customs of other countries, such as the spectacular Christmas markets traditional in some places.
A river cruise is a wonderful way to see the world, especially if you prefer an effortless and relaxed way to travel.
First-time cruise travelers will find out how effortless traveling is on a river cruise and not have to stress much about becoming seasick. Plus, the emphasis on cultural exploration of locations means river cruises are ideal for those with a curiosity for art and history, or a general interest in travel.

Is a River Cruise Really Distinct from an Ocean Cruise?

Is a River Cruise Really Distinct from an Ocean Cruise? Though river cruises and ocean cruises are comparable in many ways, you will notice some important differences as well. Generally, ocean liners have a tendency to be quite a bit bigger and you will enjoy additional amenities in your room.River Cruise Really Distinct Ocean Cruise? 693290711141.jpg Many more travelers can travel on them because of bigger size. Since river ships hold fewer guests, passengers tend to get to know each other better and frequently create lasting friendships. Another noteworthy distinction is that river cruises generally do not ever cruise a full day, as opposed to ocean cruises which might be at sea for several days at a time. Travelers normally get to visit a new port every day. The feeling of discovering new places is also felt while the ship is cruising since the outside view is constantly changing. For those without sea legs, river cruises have the appeal of smooth sailing, shallow waters and the gift of land that’s always in sight. Of course, with their bigger size, ocean cruises are able to offer additional things like onboard gyms, live performances, and many more possibilities for where and what to eat. But nearly all river cruises offer inclusive value, which means your Wi-Fi, water, alcoholic drinks and included excursions are covered in the cost.

Take Charge of Your Getaway

Take Charge Getaway 391487472629.jpeg Take Charge of Your Getaway Thinking back, what was your most eventful trip? What was it that made it so awesome? Of course, the location played a big part. But your close friends who went with you made it better. Often times, an escape with your friends and family is all you need. And other times, one goes on a vacation to meet new people, and potentially even a new love interest.
Create your perfect vacation by tailoring your travel.
Standard itineraries are always available but creating a unique one for you takes into consideration your time, hobbies and interests and budget. However, planning a individualized tour that meets all your desires can be slightly daunting It's at this point when a travel specialist should step in. They can guide you in the right direction when it comes to planning family trips or romantic getaways, meeting people with your same interests, the best way to discover the world, and a whole lot more. Those who have unique hobbies, personalized tour packages are ideal. There are options here that a group tour simply cannot provide. Travelers seeking a unique, immersive experience, like the adventurers, foodies and historians of the world, will find that an individually designed travel program the best option. Wildlife photography is a great illustration of this kind of travel program. Holding out for a good shot is a huge part of this passion and can be difficult to achieve on your typical excursion. However, a photography expedition is designed to make sure you get all the time you need to snap that once-in-a-lifetime photo. This type of program is also good for birdwatchers. inspiring words from Robert Lynd were dead on; “In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence”. Birders, as they are known, can spend all the time they need on a private tour looking for that elusive species without having to look at their watches.
Excuse me, do you have the time?
How many days do you plan to take off of work and how far can you extend your budget? Personalized trips can be tailored to meet these specifications. Do you want to go to an event or festival at a particular time of the year? Travel professionals can help you with all of this. A customized vacation means you can enjoy what you really love to do the way you want to do it.
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