Touring the Mediterranean

Touring the Mediterranean It is held that coastal Europe was the birthplace of modern civilization, including democracy, science, art, and wine. The thousands of years of history of the "Old Country" are discernible along its many shores. You will not want to leave once you've witnessed the charm of the Greek Islands and Santorini, worshipped the sun on the sandy beaches of Italy and Spain, and seen up close the historical attractions of Jerusalem and Greece.Touring Mediterranean 21273970.jpg Go to Rome and its unforgettable Pantheon and ancient Coliseum; or the residence of the Pope, The Vatican, with its Holy Catholic Church of St. Peter’s. Stop in Spain’s bustling city of Barcelona to discover the unique architecture of Antoni Gaudi. Some of the world’s best wines can be savored in Italy’s Chianti region, France’s Provence, or the city of Port in Portugal. A popular destination on the Adriatic coast of Croatia is the gorgeous walled city of Dubrovnik, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

The Marvels of Asia

The Marvels of Asia The sophisticated city of Hong Kong is Asia’s hot spot for business, finance, fashion, and food.Marvels Asia 0099143207292707820.jpg Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, is famed for its gorgeous natural beauty, beach life, and culture. With a colorful history and cultural influences from around the world including Portuguese and Jewish, Cochin (or Kochi) is part of India’s Kerala state and is commonly identified as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. An additional must-see is Petra, the Jordanian city designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is known as “Rose City” because it was built of rose-colored stone. The diversity of the earth is yours to experience – from lush jungles to vibrant cities, from historic landmarks to breathtaking panoramas – when you sail the globe on a luxury cruise

How Using a Travel Specialist Can Benefit You

How Using a Travel Specialist Can Benefit You The thought of re-booking your flights and accommodations when changes in your schedule arise can be intimidating, and costly. Then an seasoned representative is the suitable person to help you. Issues like terrorism and health scares are sizable concerns facing us today when traveling, so safety is a particular concern. Travel professionals may charge a fee but what they can provide is worthwhile: exclusive promos, extra incentives and inventory not available to the general public. ”Real live” agents are making a reappearance these days as young people are traveling more, and though they are very good at the techie side of things, they are not experienced travelers and are seeking out support from agents.
And this does not appear to be to be a phenomenon.
Research have recently shown that 92% of people who used an agent will use one again for future travel. One of the main reasons for the return to travel agents is accessibility to their resources and connections in the marketplace. Rather than spending endless hours researching on your own, a well-connected representative can put you in touch with a supplier and consult a lower price. Working with leading travel agents can give you access to benefits, as they have strong relationships with award-winning chefs, hotel managers and tour operators - booking sites do not offer this. And travel agents in fact often beat online prices.Using Travel Specialist Can Benefit 2593831787.jpg As most agents have their own booking systems which gives them access to various cruise packages, airline tickets and hotel rooms, they can generally offer the same internet promotions. There is a commission fee involved, nonetheless you will recoup your money with a variety of perks such as breakfast, spa and beverage credits to name just a few.
Did you make a list and check it twice?
Rather than of researching on your own, an professional can help you prepare for any surprise expenses and amenities; including the cost of meals, resort and tourism fees, that can add up quickly. And if your plans involve a complicated journey or one to a far-away world location , an agent can point you to tour operators that meet your needs. Agents are well-connected and have contacts | associations} with vetted companies in every corner of the world. But most significantly, agents can help you tackle typical travel issues such as travel delays or cancellations, rescheduling trips or upgrading your hotel, and even advising you on the best travel insurance to buy.

International Getaways: Much Closer Than You Know

International Getaways: Much Closer Than You Know It’s common to believe an international getaway is too ambitious for a weekend. This could not be further from the truth. It’s really very easy to find an exotic weekend getaway doable in three days. Below are places perfect for an exceptional long weekend you won’t soon forget.International Getaways: Much Closer Know 64437587.jpg
Montreal, Quebec
Old-world charm is front and center in this second biggest Canadian city after Toronto. Visitors always enjoy the beautiful Vieux Montreal neighborhood with its interesting boutiques and inviting cafes and restaurants. The popular Mount Royal Park is a great place to spend an afternoon if the weather permits, as you can hike, rent a bicycle, or find a lovely spot for a delicious picnic. Winter sports are also abundant in the park, such as snowshoeing, ice skating, or other fun activities.
If you are a beach and sun person, Bermuda is perfect, with its pink sand beaches, lovely weather, and ideal location just a short two-hour flight from many airports on the east coast. Even if you do not like beaches, Bermuda is captivating with a long maritime history, fortresses complete with cannon installations, beautiful colonial design, and charming cobblestone streets. If you like a little heart-pounding exhilaration, rent a jet ski and head over to the infamous Bermuda Triangle.
Baja California Sur, Mexico
Baja California Sur, Mexico is a popular destination easily do-able in a three-day weekend for anyone searching for fun and relaxation in a spectacular beach setting. Anyone looking for some exciting night life should try Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja California, with its fun bars and clubs, top-notch restaurant scene, and splendid luxury resorts. Exciting activities for the more adventurous include visiting the alluring caves at Lover’s Beach, taking in the remarkable rock formations, or doing water sports in the fabulous crystal-clear blue water.
Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a fantastic exotic Central American destination that can be easily reached from just about any location in the U.S. With 800 miles of stunning shoreline, it offers fun in the sun, awesome beaches, relaxation or adventure, and so much more. If you like excitement, head over to the Arenal Volcano to get your heart pumping by zip-lining through the surreal rain forest, hiking in the lush jungle, rappelling down a roaring waterfall, watching exotic jungle animals such as sloths and monkeys, and finally relaxing in a hot spring fed by the volcano itself.
Cartagena, Columbia
Found on the northern coast of Columbia facing the Caribbean, in Cartagena you’ll find brilliant blue waters with coral reefs that edge white powdery beaches. The charming old walled city takes you back in time to the Spanish colonial era with its typical architecture and fascinating 500-year-old fortress built of coral.
As the most sizeable city in Canada, Toronto is a modern-day metropolis perfect for a weekend getaway for anyone who loves big city adventures. More than 50% of its residents were not born there, making it a very diversified city in terms of people and customs. Seeing its different ethnic neighborhoods is like taking a quick world tour, with Koreatown, Greektown, Chinatown, and Little Italy all within the boundaries of the city. Whether you are looking for extreme adventure, relaxing on the beach with a nice drink, or something in between, there is an international weekend getaway right for you. Everything you desire – love, adventure, culinary delights, history – can be yours.

Organizing Your Family Getaway

Organizing Your Family GetawayOrganizing Family Getaway 104717384772905.jpg When it’s the moment to organize your yearly family trip, you need to remember: it’s not a one-stop shop. As kids grow and change, so do their likes and dislikes. It does not matter if you are traveling with a big extended family or a smaller tight-knit unit, the best holiday is possible for all. Let’s face it, family good quality time is minimal these days because of crazy schedules so a vacation together is a significant time for families to truly be together. Shared experiences are not only good for individual family members, but they also bring everyone much closer. And they make everyone step back, connect with the world, and build memories. Family vacations, however, can be a complicated undertaking. Finding enough fun-filled activities to keep everyone busy is hard!
So what is the key to a great family holiday
It is simple: make certain there is plenty to keep everyone occupied. While the little ones will need babysitters, medical care and special foods, teens and tweens will have other needs. While time with the family is priceless, teenagers need their privacy, to hang out with their friends, go on adventures and to chill by the swimming pool. Immersive travel is a way to discover more about the place you are visiting and enables your family to be more than typical tourists. By experiencing the locality via cultural adventures, you can become part of the society and it can become part of you. Staring at the Milky Way at night, exploring the jungle, seeing sea turtles for the first time and feeling the awesome splash of a whale in the wild are all invaluable times that will make you want to make travel a part of your life. You can have unique adventures: make croissants in a French boulangerie, visit neighborhood school children, like the Masai Mara, or get up close and personal to a glacier in Antartica. Mastering some of the local lingo and tasting some diverse food will have the entire family having fun.
Whether one is looking for a luxurious and relaxing setting or seeking to uncover far-away places, the options are endless.
Here are just some of the destinations to visit:
Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia
For an over-the-top fantasy for all ages, visit the Indonesian hotel, Nihi Sumba; called one of the best international hotels. The panorama here will take your breath away and it distinctively boasts a spa situated under a fountain, horseback riding, surfing and even an open air Land Rover Safari.
Cruise the Italian Riviera
There is nothing like luxury yacht travel where the possibilities are unlimited with shopping, touring, water sports or if relaxation is your goal, quiet time. Start off in Naples, head on over to the Blue Grotto in Capri and Positano and end your journey on the volcanic island of Stromboli.
The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana
Perhaps your thing is day fishing, hiking or horse-back riding. But collapsing into a plush bed at the end of the day is still your vision, then the spectacular Ranch at Rock Creek located in Montana is the right place for you and your loved ones. Here you will be staying in the most luxurious cabins and can take advantage of the most up-to-the-minute spa treatments.
African Safari
A safari is a one-of-a-kind chance to get your kids off their devices and to look up, see the world and encounter nature. No one, not even your hard to please teen, will be left uninspired by the sublime beauty of the African plains or the incredible wildlife.
Iceland is all the rage these days and there are many reasons as to why. It is great if you are flying from the east coast and want to explore a magical place. And it offers grand adventure for the kids and luxury for mom and dad. And that’s not all, the images your kids will post on-line will amaze all their friends at home.
San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia is the perfect location if you seek to stay clear of the sweltering summer months and instead be in a tranquil town set in the hills of the Andes. Bariloche, for short, is a mere two-hour flight from the capital of Buenos Aires.
Costa del Sol, Marbella
If your young one is the new Federer and you fancy sunning at the beach while he or she plays with a professional, then visit Puente Romano Beach resort in Marbella.
Bermuda is perfect because the weather is always pleasant and it is not a long flight from the East Coast. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, fondly referred to by the Bermudians as the “Pink Palace”, is the ideal holiday spot for the whole family. However you slice it, the very best family trips become legendary, evoking stories for years to come.
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