What Makes a Perfect Honeymoon?

Makes Perfect Honeymoon? 73932008810.jpg What Makes a Perfect Honeymoon? One of the great parts after the big wedding celebration is the awesome honeymoon that comes afterwards. Newlywed couples are constantly on the hunt for honeymoon solutions that cater specifically to their needs, a fact that many resorts and cruise lines have come to recognize. After the exhilaration of the wedding ceremony, most honeymooners are looking for a spot where they can renew their strength and share in the first memories as a married couple. To discover which of the numerous places may be right for you, read on…
Marry me?
So, your true love has swept you off your feet and you're organizing your story-book wedding followed, of course, by the honeymoon of your dreams. From the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, newlyweds in the US have so many destinations to pick from whatever their interests – whether it’s mountain climbing, skiing, kayaking, or visiting iconic cities.
LA & SF, Cali
California has some of the most well known sites worldwide, from the amazing Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, to the gigantic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.
Discernable and experienced New York City hoteliers have a keen eye for what honeymooners and other romantics want from their vacation in one of the world’s quintessential cities. The Big Apple’s celebrated sites, museums, and night scene make it worth getting out of bed.
The beautiful beaches, extraordinary natural wonders, innovative cuisine and perfect climate make Hawaii one of the best places in the world to have an unforgettable honeymoon.
Las Vegas
And don’t dismiss Las Vegas. The city offers 24-hour excitement and late-night action for honeymooners who favor more fun than a good tan. If you and your new spouse are into culture, quality food and beautiful shores, Europe is a great honeymoon destination.
Paris, the City of Love, makes for the ideal destination to honeymoon:; a place where couples can people-watch by day and enjoy a intimate walk under the glistening lights of the Eiffel Tower at night.
Nearby Italy is replete with history, masterworks of art, trend setting fashion, exquisite food, and so much more. Make a stop-over in idyllic Tuscany, a place where you can unwind with a glass of Chianti, visit delightful little towns, not to forget some of the area's famed culture-rich cities. The City of Water is famous for its romantic, singing gondolieri on the Grand Canal and the detailed face masks worn at the Carnival of Venice.
The choice of places to visit in Spain is vast: from the historic, the natural wonder, to the sunny coasts and party islands. The sophisticated architectural style and folklore infusing Seville make this Spanish city an ideal place for couples to discover together. During the daytime you can both wander through its lavish palaces and parks. Don't forget to restore your strength with a rejuvenating siesta just before going out on the town for some late-night dancing.
And last but certainly not least, Greece boasts blue waters with iconic whitewashed backgrounds. The cuisine, seafood in particular, is extra-fresh—and especially good with a serving of ouzo. The South Pacific offers amazing honeymoons. Fiji and Tahiti are two of the South Pacific's greatest honeymoon destinations. Whichever place you choose, you will come upon miles and miles of peaceful, breathtaking beaches where honeymooners can enjoy some truly amazing digs. And who wouldn’t want to see tropical fish swimming under the coffee table at one of the many hotels offering over-water suites.
Then there is Africa.
The least exciting thing you’ll do on an African honeymoon is to read a book in front of a hippo-filled river because the rest of the time you’ll be on an exhilarating game drive, a walking safari, a fishing expedition or a canoe trip. Accompanied by the sounds of the African bush, and the periodic roar of a lion, drink to the start of married life by the light of a camp fire and the twinkling of the stars. Zambia, often referred to as the "Real Africa", is an unique wilderness experience distant from the crowds of tourist-packed destinations. It is a place popular with honeymooners with a sense of adventure and a a love of nature. It is a country replete with some of the most remote and unspoiled wildlife in Africa, but also a place with incredible sunsets where you can enjoy true peace and quiet. In addition to its Big 5 game reserves, lovely wine routes, beautiful beaches and magnificent mountain ranges, South Africa is also home to one of the world’s most enchanting cities, Cape Town. Its diverse cultures, each with their own histories and traditions, have made it known as the “Rainbow Nation”. Mauritius, a very renown destination among newlyweds, is an island which lies about 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. This island on the Indian Ocean, with its year-round good weather and palm-fringed sandy beaches, ticks of all the boxes as an idyllic, romantic vacation. Mauritius offers newlyweds the ideal blend of activity, leisure, luxury and personal attention honeymooners should have on such a special occasion.

Weekend Getaways Close to Home

Weekend Getaways Close to Home Sometimes life calls for a weekend getaway to de-stress, do something new, and have a bit of fun. However, finding the ideal place for such a brief trip is not always very easy. There are, of course, lots of places that are perfect for an idyllic weekend away.
New York City
New York City is a transportation hub, and depending on where you are coming from, you might drive, fly, or get there by train. It is great even in cold weather, as there are many indoor attractions such as Broadway shows or museums, while in summer visitors can visit outdoor places including the High Line and Central Park. History enthusiasts can go to Ellis Island via ferry to check out the first stop of many immigrants in days past or climb to the top of the famous Statue of Liberty.
San Francisco
Weekend Getaways Close Home 35132327936013964.jpg San Francisco is one of the most gorgeous cities in the nation with its legendary Golden Gate Bridge, Victorian architecture dotting the steep hills, interesting and distinctive neighborhoods, cable cars, and nice weather all year long. If you prefer sports, take in a baseball game at AT&T Park and check out its spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay.
Washington, D.C.
Both history enthusiasts and aspiring politicians will love Washington, D.C., with its many things to see on the National Mall such as the inspiring Lincoln Memorial, the striking Washington Monument, and many others; and most are free of charge. Foodies will enjoy the weekend brunch custom, popular with both residents and visitors alike.
New Orleans
Everyone can find something to really love about New Orleans, with its broad range of things to do and see. If you are from a cold-weather area and just want to enjoy some fresh air, head over to City Park for some open-air activities; history aficionados can check out The National WWII Museum. Anyone spending time in New Orleans has to designate some time to walk around the legendary French Quarter (preferably in the evening) and save some appetite for the delectable traditional beignets.
Nashville, NC
If you are looking for a weekend of clean mountain air and sunshine followed by delicious artisanal hand-crafted beer from a regional brewery, Nashville, NC is the perfect weekend getaway. For beautiful jaw-dropping views, check out the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest, or if you prefer to be more active, hike a section of the iconic Appalachian Trail that passes through. When you have worked up an appetite, stop in at one of the local breweries to sip one of the 100-plus local beers and some delicious food.
Chicago's legendary eats, distinct neighborhoods, and abundance of can't-miss sights make it a great weekend vacation spot. When the temperatures are mild, check out the famous sculpture nicknamed “The Bean” or take a cruise down the Chicago River to view the beautiful architecture. Meanwhile, museums such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum are ideal places to escape winter's biting temps.
In Seattle, be sure to stop in a local café for coffee, as the city is famous for its laid-back coffee scene (it’s home to the original Starbucks); see the iconic Space Needle; then head over to fun Pike Place Market in the evening for dinner or drinks. You can additionally schedule in a hike in Discovery Park or on nearby Mount St. Helens. Take an umbrella, but don’t let the city’s famous rainy weather discourage you; it is typically just a light drizzle or mist.

What to Do and See in Asia

What to Do and See in Asia The bustling city of Hong Kong is Asia’s hot spot for business, finance, fashion, and food. Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket, is famed for its breathtaking natural beauty, beach life, and culture. With its centuries-old cultural icons, including a vibrant Jewish community with seven synagogues that dates back to the 12th century, and St. Francis Church built by the Portuguese in 1503, Cochin (or Kochi) in the Indian state of Kerala has earned the nickname “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. Jordan’s Petra, a designated UNESCO World Heritage City, has the nickname “Rose City” thanks to the color of the rock used to construct it. The diversity of the world is yours to experience – from lush jungles to vibrant cities, from historic landmarks to breathtaking panoramas – when you tour the globe on a luxury cruise

The World at Your Feet Aboard a Luxury Cruise

The World at Your Feet Aboard a Luxury CruiseWorld Feet Aboard Luxury Cruise 968412698118.jpeg Global travel has come to be increasingly common, leading many cruise lines to include these voyages on their itineraries. The increased interest in traveling across the world’s oceans, seas and rivers means that the current figure of 25 million travelers per year will rise in the near future. The myriad options for today’s travelers include the sort of ship to sail on, which itinerary to choose as well as the price tag of the trip. Nowadays, there are many programs, vessels and prices available to travelers. Traveling on smaller vessels, for example, is a good alternative for those seeking more customized service, fewer passengers on board as well as direct access to smaller ports. However, those prone to motion sickness should choose larger vessels since smaller ones are more subject to the ocean’s whims. While a larger ships offer more on board options in terms of accommodations, restaurants and activities, they are unable to dock at small ports putting you at a greater distance from your destination city. This means that independent exploration becomes more tricky and more costly. No matter where you are, ashore or on board, every instant of your world journey will be an exceptional experience whether you are on your way to Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas and Alaska, Africa, or Australia and Asia You can also get to see the workings of local life at your ports of call by taking a tour around the world. Immersing yourself in a city’s art, culture, food, history and natural beauty is made possible with one of the numerous exclusive events and excursions on offer. These unforgettable voyages give you insight into cultures other people can only visit in their dreams. And relish the many perks such as stress-free travel, a place to hang your coat, and the peace of mind knowing you will not have to spend extra money on daily meals. Whatever your goal, a trip on the world’s great waterways will provide you the peace you seek and the experiences you will never forget.

Travel Consultants: How They Can Benefit You

Travel Consultants: How They Can Benefit You Did your vacation plans change? Do you need to re-book all of your flights and hotel rooms ? And are you nervous about the time it will involve and the money it will cost? This is when you turn to a travel specialist who has all the tools to help you get back on track. In today’s world, where unfortunately we are dealing with issues like terrorism and health concerns, we need to make sure we are safe and secure when traveling. Travel agents may charge a fee but what they can provide is worthwhile: one-of-a-kind promotions, extra incentives and inventory not available to the general public. Statistics show that brick-and-mortar agents are on the rise at present, mainly because younger people are traveling more and feel more secure booking with an experienced agent versus going online.
And this does not appear to be to be a phenomenon.
Studies have recently shown that 92% of people who used an agent will use one again for future travel. Using a travel advisor is appealing because they have accessibility to a massive business network. Investing hours and hours conducting research is not ideal, and agents who are part of a larger consortia, can help you you negotiate with a big supplier for a better price. Because of years long- associations, leading travel agents have access to award-winning chefs, hotel managers and tour operators, and can therefore provide perks and incentives that on-line sites cannot. And with respect to getting the top deals, travel agents in fact often beat web prices. Most agents can access the same web offers because they have a significant reservation and distribution system giving allowing them to offer the top deals including cruise packages, airline tickets and hotel rooms. There is a commission fee included, however you will recoup your money with assorted perks such as breakfast, spa and beverage credits to name just a few.
Have you thought of everything?
Rather than of investigating on your own, an representative can help you prepare for any surprise expenditures and amenities; including the cost of meals, resort and tourism charges, that can add up quickly. If you are organizing a complicated trip or one to a place far, far away, agents can point you to the right tour operator for you. Most agents, via years of building relationships, have contacts to companies in every part of the world, whether it’s Greece or Mongolia. But most importantly, agents can help you deal common travel issues such as travel delays or cancellations, rescheduling trips or upgrading your hotel, and even advising you on the best travel insurance to buy.

Traveling to the Baltic and Scandinavian Countries

Traveling to the Baltic and Scandinavian Countries A cruise through the Baltic Sea allows you to visit both Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, which have picturesque Old Towns that date back to a time when medieval merchants traveled the region. Norway, Sweden, and Finland have many modern cosmopolitan cities, a number of of which have been voted the world’s “most livable”.
Let's Cruise.
Norway offers something for everyone, from its amazing natural fjords to rich Viking history. Art lovers will want to stop in Helsinki to explore the Art Nouveau and Neoclassical works there, while Tallinn’s unique steeples and rooftops will appeal to architecture lovers, and Stockholm’s “Venice of Scandinavia” is fun for the whole family. The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are noticeable in the region, ought to also be high on your list of must-have experiences. Located in between the continents of Europe and Asia you will find Russia, the biggest nation on the planet. In Russia, you will want to spend some time in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and lay your eyes on the magnificent Peterhof Palace. History lovers will want to spend time in Moscow’s iconic Red Square, while foodies might prefer to sample blini pancakes with Russian caviar.
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