Cruise Around North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean Islands

Cruise Around North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean Islands You will find great cultural diversity, as well as spectacular landscapes, throughout the many different countries that make up the Americas and the Caribbean, from the northern tip of Canada to Cape Horn in the south. Appreciate the laid-back lifestyle of all Caribbean islands, while noting the variety of languages and cultures that speak to the early inhabitants of each island from faraway lands including Spain, France, Britain, The Netherlands, and Africa. Central America, which connects North America to South America, possesses gorgeous natural wonders and a very intriguing history. See the ruins left by the Aztec, Maya, and Olmec peoples, or luxuriate in the natural splendor of Costa Rica. Travel through the Panama Canal to marvel at its one-of-a-kind engineering. Traveling through North and South America will take you through breathtaking natural beauty as well as enjoyable man-made attractions. In Canada, stroll the streets of Quebec City and enjoy its French influences, or travel back in time to the 11th-century Viking settlement of L’Anse aux Meadows. City lovers will like the east coast of the United States with its modern metropolitan areas, while nature lovers might prefer the west coast, which will take them to Alaska’s breathtaking glaciers.
Head South
Continuing further south, travelers will encounter jaw-dropping ruins, a broad diversity of cultures and peoples, and world music we have danced to on many nights.Cruise Around North, South, Central America Caribbean Islands 04400551464.jpg Head to Brazil and the bustling beach city of Rio de Janeiro or visit the rain forests of the Amazon River. Nature lovers should make a point of seeing the arresting beauty of Chile’s massifs and fjords, stopping in the seaside community of Valparaiso to roam its steep streets of colorfully painted buildings. In Buenos Aires you can learn to dance the Tango, or just take in a live show. Farther south, explore the icy natural splendor of Antarctica.

A Perfect Family Holiday

A Perfect Family Holiday When it comes to the moment to plan your family vacation, keep in mind one thing: one size does not fit all. As young children grow and change, so do their likes and dislikes. The perfect vacation is waiting for you, whether you are vacationing with little ones or big ones, young adults or grandma and grandpa.Perfect Family Holiday 3022885189072259636.jpg Life can be hectic with everyone running around doing his/her own thing, so a family vacation is an important time to slow down and spend good quality time together. Enjoying things collectively is not only good for individual family members, it also strengthens family ties. And they create great memories that will last a life-time. However, family vacations can be exceptionally difficult to plan. Finding sufficient fun-filled activities to keep everyone focused is challenging!
So what is the formula to a great family holiday?
The bottom line is to keep all ages amused at all times. While the little ones will need babysitters, medical care and specialized foods, teens and tweens will have other requirements. While family time is vital, teens will need some time to themselves sunning by the swimming pool, going out to explore on their own or meet up with fellow teens. Immersive travel is a way to uncover more about the place you are visiting and permits your family to be more than typical tourists. Experiencing the culture close up and personal will allow you to become a part of the society and let it become part of you. Staring at the Milky Way, hiking through the jungle and seeing magnificent wildlife will leave an immense impression and a deep longing to travel the world all through your lifetime. You can have unique adventures: make croissants in a French boulangerie, visit neighborhood school children, like the Masai Mara, or get up close and personal to a glacier in Antartica. The entire family can enjoy mastering a few phrases of the regional language and share in the delicacies.
Whether one is looking for a luxurious and tranquil setting or seeking to discover far-away places, the options are endless.
Here is a short listing of just a few of the destinations to visit:
Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia
There is no other hotel in the world like the Nihi Sumba in Indonesia – it has been called the best and most pleasurable hotel in the world. Here you can get a massage treatment under a fountain, go horseback riding, surf on a private beach and go on a special outing at the Land Rover Safari, all while enjoying the amazing panorama.
Cruise the Italian Riviera
Yacht travel offers you the best of all worlds – here you can shop til you drop, go touring, water skiing or if you prefer, relax with a good book. This journey will take you from Naples to the Blu Grotto in Capri, Positano and leave you at the volcanic island of Stromboli.
The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana
Perhaps you are simply looking for a good fishing spot, an ambitious hike or a place to go horse-back riding. Yet, you still desire falling into a luxurious bed with 1000 thread-count sheets at the end of your day. If so, then go to the Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. You will be staying in luxury cabin accommodations and getting facials and massage treatments at the spa.
African Safari
If your wish is to get your kids off their cell phones and to re-connect to the natural world, then a safari is for you. You and your family will be left in awe by the imperial beauty of the wildlife and the awesome plains of Africa.
Iceland is the place to go these days, and for good reasons. You will arrive at this enchanting place in only 5 to 6 hours when leaving from the east coast. And it offers grand adventure for the kids and extravagance for the parents. Moreover, your kids will be wowing their friends back home with on-line shots of the Northern Lights.
One other great locale to escape the summer season heat is San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia; a beautiful alpine style town set in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Bariloche, for short, is a mere two-hour flight from the capital of Buenos Aires.
Costa del Sol, Marbella
Is your child the next Roger Federer? And do you want to lounge in the sunshine with a margarita? Then Puente Romano Beach Resort in Marbella is your destination.
Bermuda has excellent weather all year and is not a long flight from the East Coast. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, also called “The Pink Palace” by the local people, is perfect for all family members. Whichever way you cut it, the best family vacations become the stuff of legend, encouraging stories you can reflect on for years.

The Wonders of Asia

Wonders Asia 18903453733651004105.jpeg The Wonders of Asia Bustling, energetic Hong Kong is a center for fashion, food, banking, and trade in Asia Beach lovers should be sure to plan a stop on Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, known for its stunning panoramas and cultural experiences. With its centuries-old cultural icons, including a vibrant Jewish community with seven synagogues that dates back to the 12th century, and St. Francis Church built by the Portuguese in 1503, Cochin (or Kochi) in the Indian state of Kerala has earned the label “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. Jordan’s Petra, a designated UNESCO World Heritage City, goes by the nickname “Rose City” thanks to the color of the rock used to make it. From Africa to Asia, from North America to South America, from Antarctica to Europe, discover them all when you travel in style and elegance on a world cruise.

Romantic Getaways: Something Unique

Romantic Getaways: Something Unique 04384611.jpg Romantic Getaways: Something Unique No matter how many years together, going on an anniversary holiday can reinvigorate the relationship. An anniversary trip can incorporate love, trust and intimacy, whether it’s a wooden anniversary in Amsterdam or a re-creation of your honeymoon vacation after 25 years. And what about those 2 people inching towards the 40 year anniversary? While honeymoons are for relaxing, especially after the months or potentially years of planning, anniversary trips might need some more preparing. After picking out a location, you will need to choose activities that are most appropriate to your marital milestone. For instance, wine tasting in Santa Barbara wine country might be suitable for a 45-year anniversary whilst a skiing in Colorado or going on a safari in Botswana may be better for a 5-year anniversary. From fascinating excursions to more intimate activities, these breaks are perfect ways for couples to explore the world and their own relationship. And fortunately, there is a list of places ready to go.
Principality of Monaco
If you want to feel like you have stepped back in time, wander over to Monaco Ville, known to Monegasques as Le Rocher, and stroll through the old town with its tiny, windy roads. Then get all dressed up and check out the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo where gentlemen must wear jackets after eight pm.
Amsterdam, Holland
What could be more intimate for an anniversary than to visit Holland’s renowned tulip display? The main tourist attraction however is the original seventeenth century canal houses in the country's capital, Amsterdam.
Beaver Creek, Colorado
A couple can reserve a private room in the luxurious Trappers Cabin, which usually holds 10, and rekindle their vows at Beaver Creek Mountain, only 12 miles from Vail, Colorado.
Cabo San Lucas
Cabo is known largely known for whale watching as humpbacks start to appear along the Bajo Peninsula from December to April.
Republic of Botswana
Along the Khwai, east of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, you can visit the Khwai Private Reserve which offers access to the well-known Okavango Delta.
Algarrobo, Chile
Journey to Chile to stay at the famed San Alfonso Del Mar and relax next to one of the most extensive, sparkling blue saltwater pools in the world.
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