Journey in Extravagance on a 5-Star Cruise

Journey in Extravagance on a 5-Star Cruise To take part in the exciting expedition of travelling through the enormous oceans aboard an opulent 5-star cruiser is to leave your concerns behind. Certainly, there are many other travel solutions that will get you to your destination in much less time, but none of them can compare to the luxury and decadence of a cruise.Journey Extravagance 5-Star Cruise 82824752.jpeg This sort of voyage lets you travel luxuriously with ease while viewing some of the most amazing sites this world has to offer. Luxury liners are not an emerging trend; in fact, they first set sail back in the 1800’s with transatlantic voyages. Only the rich could afford this type of travel, so ocean liners went all out adding upscale amenities and features in order to lure these passengers. As you come on board this luxury liner you will feel all the elements of superior traveling: luxurious rooms and top of the line ship services, personal touches everywhere, visiting far off places, drinking and dining the finest wine and cuisine with concierge benefits from a large number of crew for the passengers. You will enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want as you give yourself over to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. From food and wine lovers to history enthusiasts to adventure-seekers, there is something for everyone to participate in. These ships are built with the space to accommodate whatever you are in the mood to do, from an energizing morning run in the fresh air to spending uninterrupted quiet time, from socializing in a lively bar to enjoying a romantic dinner for two. You'll discover endless amazing destinations while journeying aboard a luxury cruise. Travel to the most iconic regions in the world exploring unforgettable sights from ancient cities to modern metropolises.
Luxury Cruise Lines
For some of the most glamorous, Silversea Cruises is a company to keep in mind. Silversea travels to some of the most exotic locations and provides cultural interaction and exciting adventures you will not have access to anywhere else. Similarly, Crystal Cruises is a company that focuses on offering luxury travel. Its service is flawless, the food and wine unrivaled, and the entertainment exceptional, and its high-end amenities such as plush bathrobes and slippers will make you feel truly spoiled. For an incredibly large selection of destinations, check out Princess Cruises, with over 40 destinations on six continents. Their ships are the size of small communities, and nearly 700 passengers can travel at one time. For the most unique destinations, check out Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, as they voyage to Antarctica and Alaska among others. They know the importance of giving passengers the chance to get to know diverse people, natural habitats, and cultures.
Start off in the Mediterranean
Sail the Mediterranean on these enormous ships and take advantage of the opportunity to go on shore to explore the small ancient coastal villages which will absolutely take you back in time.
Land of the Tsars
Spend time in the renowned Hermitage Museum in Russia if you love museums, as it is the world’s second largest and is a very magnificent structure. It has been accessible to the public since 1852, although the collections actually date back to Empress Catherine the Great and 1764.
The Lands Down Under
Australasia is home to a big array of people, lifestyles, and natural beauty. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is an iconic natural landmark, but also worth a visit are the gorgeous beaches and the wide open space known as the Outback. Anyone who enjoys stunning natural beauty will love the breathtaking waterfalls and picturesque valleys of New Zealand, and foodies will want to stop in Tauranga to visit its kiwi orchards.
The Sights and Sounds of Asia
For a genuine sensory experience, visit Thailand, Vietnam, and China to experience the sights, tastes, and smells. Japan is remarkable for its intersection of longstanding cultural traditions and modern city life. Go on a trip to Bangkok to observe first-hand the beautiful places, the traditional spires of its architecture, and the statues of Buddha.
From Deserts to Skyscrapers to Pyramids
The Middle East is home to a great expanse of desert landscape as well as bustling cosmopolitan cities with the latest cutting-edge technological advances and skyscrapers. In Dubai, you can go up to the observation deck of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. The region enjoys a very rich history dating back thousands of years. In Jordan, visit the ancient city of Petra, carved of rose-colored stone, near the more contemporary city of Aqaba. In Oman you can check out the remains of an ancient caravan oasis along Incense Road, or move on to Egypt to see the pyramids at Giza and the temples in Luxor and Karnak.
The Diversity of South America
After touring through the South American landscape with its beautiful wonders like Iguazu Falls between Argentina and Brazil, head to Rio de Janeiro, famous for its Carnival and miraculous Christ the Redeemer statue built on Sugar Loaf Mountain. Chile is known for its diverse natural landscapes including the arid Atacama desert, the imposing Andes mountain range, the breathtaking Patagonia ice fields, and the wonderful beaches along the Pacific. From the elegance of a ball dance to the private moment shared deck side, a 5-star cruise is the perfect backdrop to make unforgettable memories. As anyone who has taken one will agree, there is no other experience quite like a cruise around the globe.

Vacation Cruises to the Baltic Countries and Scandinavia

Vacation Cruises to the Baltic Countries and Scandinavia Don’t disregard the Baltic states when traveling by sea to Scandinavia, as the region offers lovely Old Towns to explore and a rich history that dates back to medieval times and the Hanseatic League. Norway, Sweden, and Finland have many modern cosmopolitan cities, some of which have been declared the world’s “most livable”.
Norway will appeal to both nature devotees, with its breathtaking fjords, and history buffs, with its rich Viking history. Don’t forget Stockholm’s “Venice of Scandinavia”, Helsinki’s collection of Art Nouveau and Neoclassical works, or Tallinn’s delicate steeples and striking red rooftops.Vacation Cruises Baltic Countries Scandinavia 50934067.jpeg The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are visible in the region, should certainly also be high on your list of must-have experiences. Situated in between the continents of Europe and Asia you will find Russia, the largest sovereign state on the planet. In Russia, you will want to spend some time in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and lay your eyes on the spectacular Peterhof Palace. History lovers will want to spend time in Moscow’s iconic Red Square, while foodies might opt to sample blini pancakes with Russian caviar.

Weekend Getaways Not Far from Home

Weekend Getaways Not Far from Home Sometimes life calls for a weekend getaway to de-stress, do something different, and have a bit of fun.Weekend Getaways Not Far Home 179789454606002.jpg Of course, choosing a destination can be a challenge if you only have a limited time to go. Below is a list of a number of perfect spots for a weekend trip you will love.
New York City
Getting to the city that never sleeps from nearly anywhere is convenient by car, rail, or plane. Don’t let weather discourage you; indoor activities like famous museums or Broadway shows abound, while outdoor activities such as the High Line and Central Park can also be fun even in the winter. Both the beautiful iconic landmark known as the Statue of Liberty and famous Ellis Island can be accessed by ferry.
San Francisco
There is much to appreciate about San Francisco: the iconic cable cars you can ride through local streets, the eclectic hilly neighborhoods, the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, and of course the lovely weather. AT&T Park is a fantastic place to enjoy the scenery while taking in a baseball game, as the stadium overlooks the lovely San Francisco Bay.
Washington, D.C.
Both history enthusiasts and would be politicians will love Washington, D.C., with its many things to visit on the National Mall such as the inspiring Lincoln Memorial, the striking Washington Monument, and many others; and most are free of charge. To fortify yourself for a day of walking, be sure to partake in the famous brunch scene – and come with a hearty appetite!
New Orleans
New Orleans has so many things to do it’s impossible to fit it all into a single weekend, so choose carefully. History aficionados can check out The National WWII Museum, while outdoorsy types can walk through City Park. Foodies (or even non-foodies) will want to breakfast or snack on the traditional beignets, then spend some time wandering around the famous and charming French Quarter.
Nashville, NC
This small town is loved by easy-going hipsters, beer connoisseurs, as well as anyone who loves magnificent mountain scenery. For gorgeous jaw-dropping views, check out the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest, or if you prefer to be more active, hike a section of the iconic Appalachian Trail that passes through. When you have worked up an appetite, stop in at one of the regional breweries to try one of the 100-plus local beers and some tasty food.
With its unique and varied neighborhoods, awesome food scene, historic architecture, and other fun activities, Chicago is a perfect weekend getaway. Temperature-permitting, take a cruise through the city on the Chicago River to see the architectural works of art, then take a stroll to Millennium Park to see the famous sculpture nicknamed “The Bean” for its iconic shape. Chicago has a rich culture of notable museums such as the Field Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago; excellent for those frosty Chicago winter days.
This gem of the Pacific Northwest features iconic sights like Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks and the Space Needle, all of which you can enjoy in a matter of days. Outdoor adventurers will want to have time on breathtaking Mount St. Helens, an active volcano, or in the gorgeous Discovery Park. Be sure to take an umbrella, as it does rain often in Seattle, though it’s typically more of a light mist.

A Unique Kind of Romantic Trip

A Unique Kind of Romantic Trip No matter how many years with him or her, going on an anniversary trip can reinvigorate the relationship. Whether it’s a first time visit to Amsterdam on your wooden anniversary, recreating your honeymoon vacation after 20 years, an anniversary trip can provide high quality love. And for those who are looming in the direction of the forty-year Ruby wedding anniversary? While a honeymoon is tailored for relaxation after the grueling months of preparing, an anniversary trip may require more strategic planning. It is essential to consider a location and schedule that is appropriate for your marital milestone. For example, canoeing in Santa Barbara wine country may suit a couple celebrating 45 years together, whilst younger couples may possibly want to ski in Colorado, or go on a safari in Botswana. From fun excursions to more enchanting activities, these getaways are perfect ways for couples to discover the world and their own partnership. And luckily, there is a list of destinations ready to go.
Principality of Monaco
Monaco Ville, also called Le Rocher, is the only part of Monaco that has preserved its old town architecture with tiny, windy medieval lanes.Unique Kind Romantic  Trip 3483017048.jpeg Later on, head to the celebrated Casino de Monte-Carlo which gives partners the opportunity to get all gussied up, and the gents must don jackets after 8 pm.
Amsterdam, Holland
What could be more romantic for an anniversary than to visit Holland’s renowned tulip display? What you don’t want to miss however are the seventeenth century canals in Amsterdam, which haven’t changed since the time of Rembrandt.
Beaver Creek, Colorado
Why not renew your vows at 9,500 feet in Beaver Creek, 12 miles west of Vail, Colorado, where you can have the deluxe Trappers Cabin in the Rockies all to yourselves.
Cabo San Lucas
Cabo is known foremost known for whale watching as humpbacks start to come out along the Bajo Peninsula from December to April.
Republic of Botswana
Visit the Khwai Private Reserve, located on the eastern border of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, which offers admittance to the famous Okavango Delta.
Algarrobo, Chile
Journey to Chile and stay at San Alfonso del Mar and lounge by the world’s 2nd largest, saltwater, man-made lagoon.

Eight of the The Planet's Recommended Walks

Eight of the The Planet's Recommended Walks The most interesting journeys are not just about the walking, they are about walking into the place’s historical past and traditions. Still, these journeys are not as effortless they sound.Eight Planet's Recommended Walks 6823197506247787.jpg They will challenge your durability both physically and mentally, leaving you with an endurable impression of the beauty of the environment. A listing of the world's greatest hikes is shown below.
Inca Trail in Peru - 26.7 miles in 4 days
Many remarkable moments are made on the Inca Trail, but nothing matches the instant you walk through the Sun Gate and experience the sight of the forgotten city of Machu Picchu. Best time to go: May to September
Lost City in Colombia ~ 27 miles in 5 days
Travel through the rich jungle through streams before experiencing the ruins of Teyuna. Make this your first stop and you have the Lost City all to yourself. The perfect months to go are December to March.
Everest Base Camp in Nepal - 13 days and 38.5 miles
This expedition will bring you closer to the people of the Himalayas before uncovering a window to the top of the world. After seeing Everest, you will not look at Earth in the same way anymore. It is best to go from August to November.
Tanzania: Mt. Kilimanjaro, 8 days and 21.1 miles
Mt Kilimanjaro at 5,895m (19,340 ft.) is Africa's highest point. It is daunting to say the least, but unlike other tall peaks, it provides those courageous enough to reach the summit. Perfect time to go: September to March.
Europe's Mont Blanc - 77.7 miles & 8 days
The Tour du Mont Blanc is a hundred miles and travels through Switzerland, Italy, and France. Perfect time to go: June to September
Patagonia: Torres del Paine Circuit - 82.6 miles - 10 days -
Best-known for its spectacular views, you will experience stunning volcanic backdrops, enormous glaciers, and vast steppe-like fields leading to the horizon. The ideal months to go are December to March.
Venezuela's Mount Roirama ~21.1 miles and 6 days
The spectacular mountain of Roraima is treasured to the region's local inhabitants and is said to have prompted Arthur Conan Doyle’s fiction, "The Lost World." When to go: November to April is the perfect time to walk the Roraima path but anytime of the year is good.
Spain: The Camino de Santiago - 466 miles in 30 days
The popular Camino de Santiago, also referred to as the St. James Trail, was a major Christian trek during the Middle Ages, and it is still considered a relevant spiritual retreat to this day. The walk can be done anytime of the year but between autumn and spring is perfect, but also very busy.

Tours, Tours, Tours

Tours, Tours, Tours 03150179054230463787.jpg Tours, Tours, Tours Your bucket list may be chock-a-block with fun escapades from hiking Peru’s Inca Trail, surfing the waves in Costa Rica, to horseback riding through the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, or running with the bulls in Pamplona. Some more adventure tours out there include an Air Combat experience, along the lines of Top Gun, in San Diego, or a fast Ferrari drive along the winding coastline of the French Riviera. If any or all of these adrenaline-charged experiences appeal to you , consider making adventure travel part of your future vacation.
Touring the World’s National Parks
You will be witness to some of the most magnificent panoramas on earth at national parks found throughout the world. Here are some of the most well-known national parks worldwide.
The Galapagos Islands
Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands is one of the most often visited UNESCO sites worldwide as well as being the earliest national park in that country. On this island chain you will come face to face with giant tortoises and small penguins, some of the island’s most famous residents.
Machu Picchu
Considered one of the world’s most important archaeological sites on earth, Machu Picchu is a breathtaking Incan fortress found high in the Andes Mountains. It shows what the Incan Empire was capable of achieving at its height of power.
When President Theodore Roosevelt initially came across the grand geological formations and abundant wildlife of Yellowstone in 1903, he proclaimed it to be “absolutely unique in the world”. He deemed national parks to be the best way to conserve nature and turn them into a common social asset to benefit all generations to follow.
Serengeti National Park
Both Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and South Africa’s Kruger Park are known worldwide for its wide array of wildlife and fauna located there. There you will discover wide-open panoramas like no other, and also hear the occasional roar of a lion trying to find food.
Great Barrier Reef
Viewed from up high or far below, you’ll uncover one of the world’s foremost wonders, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which comprises the largest coral reef system on earth.
Fiordland National Park
The nearby Fiordland National Park in New Zealand has spectacular fjords aplenty, enough so as to overshadow Norway’s impressive natural wonders any day.
Special Interest Tours Galore
There are increasingly more specialty tours on the market. There continues to be an uptick in the number of specialty tours offered to anyone with a favorite pastime or special interest.
For the Wine Lover in all of Us
Your level of expertise in wines is inconsequential because wine country is always wide open to anyone with a taste for it. Wine aficionados know that wine is more than just a combination of grapes and that the process involves an intricate and delicate process to achieve the perfect balance of taste. There are plenty of destinations to pick from when it comes to picking the best tour for you whether it’s a wine tasting tour in Napa Valley, or one that takes you along the Stellenbosch Wine Route in South Africa, or one that takes you to some of France’s most well-known wine regions such as Bordeaux or Champagne to name just a few.
For the Lover of Food
Let yourself go with all of the options possible on a foodie tour. Even the most seasoned gourmand will learn something on a culinary tour because they will not only get to sample local ingredients and artisan products, they’ll also gain an understanding of how history and culture influenced the progression of the local cuisine. On some of the very top end tours, you may even meet a star chef or get classes from a Michelin-starred maestro.
For the Yoga Lover in All of Us
Yoga tours are an additional type of specialty travel found on the marketplace. In order to reach a state of tranquility, enthusiasts of this ancient tradition blend meditation with specific techniques to regulate breathing which help to harmonize and strengthen both body and mind. Elegant and charming destinations where you can truly let go and slow down are ideal for these types of tours.
For Those Nature Lovers
Eco-tours take travelers to vulnerable and relatively undisturbed natural areas where they can bask the serene beauty of unspoiled landscapes. Eco-tourism is an ideal way to see undisturbed natural spaces, but it is also a good occasion to learn about protecting the world’s natural resources. These tours are also intended to enlighten travelers about preservation and how to better the well-being of local people.
For Women Only
Tours geared specifically at women are getting to be more and more popular. In today’s world, women are searching for a secure, yet enjoyable way to visit the many wonderful cities, and incredible sights found across the globe. Being on a women’s only tour where you can get together with other like-minded travelers makes any vacation more enjoyable and interesting.
For the Spiritual Seeker
You’re looking for an experience where you can reconnect with your spiritual self and learn more about the history of your faith. On faith- based tours you’ll be helped by people who are on the same voyage to connect with their spiritual self and recommit to their faith. Rest knowing that every single tour provides the right mix of R & R.
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