Weekend Getaways Close to Home

Weekend Getaways Close to Home There are times when a quick weekend getaway is exactly what you need to relax and unwind.Weekend Getaways Close Home 16817956786007767253.jpg However, finding the right place for such a quick trip is not always easy. The following is a list of a number of ideal spots for a weekend trip you will love.
New York City
New York City is a transportation hub, and depending on where you are arriving from, you can drive, fly, or travel by train. It is ideal even in wintertime, as there are many indoor attractions such as Broadway shows or museums, while in summer you can explore outdoor places including the High Line and Central Park. For a bit of history, catch a ferry to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty.
San Francisco
The City by the Bay offers temperatures in the 60s most of the year, making it great for trekking across the Golden Gate Bridge, riding the famed cable cars and exploring the city's eclectic neighborhoods. What's more, sports fans can enjoy superb views of the San Francisco Bay from AT&T Park in baseball season.
Washington, D.C.
Not only is America's capital chock full of cost-free sights, many of them are located on the National Mall, making it convenient to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and other highlights in just a matter of days. The weekend brunch scene is especially fantastic here, but be sure to get reservations ahead of time.
New Orleans
The fascinating city of New Orleans offers an incredible array of activities to choose from. If you are from a cold-weather place and just want to enjoy some fresh air, head over to City Park for some open-air activities; history fans can check out The National WWII Museum. No getaway would be finished without having beignets and enjoying a night out in the French Quarter.
Nashville, NC
Nashville, North Carolina is best known for its fun outdoor activities and regional beer scene, since it is a mecca for both hipsters and outdoorsy types. For awesome jaw-dropping views, check out the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest, or if you would like to be more active, hike a segment of the iconic Appalachian Trail that passes through. A day in the mountain air will make you thirsty, so be sure to check out some of the great local breweries, which together have over 100 locally-crafted beers for you to try.
Chicago is recognized for its great food, iconic architecture, and exciting things to do, making it an excellent weekend getaway. If the weather is good, cruise down the Chicago River to see the city’s legendary architecture, then head over to Millennium Park to check out the sculpture locals affectionately refer to as “The Bean”. Museum enthusiasts might opt to visit Chicago in the cold winter months to enjoy the wonderful museums including the Field Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago.
Seattle is a vibrant hipster city famous for its coffee culture (Starbucks started here) as well as the iconic Space Needle and vibrant Pike Place Market with its great bars and restaurants. If you love hiking, check out beaufiful Discovery Park or Mount St. Helens, which is actually an active volcano. Just don't forget to bring an umbrella and a raincoat – weather in the Emerald City can be unpredictable.

The Marvels of Asia

Marvels Asia 63265050024754.jpg The Marvels of Asia The bustling city of Hong Kong is Asia’s hot spot for the business sector, finance, fashion, and food. Thailand’s most well-known island, Phuket, is famed for its breathtaking natural beauty, beach life, and culture. Located in India’s Kerala state, Cochin (or Kochi) is commonly called “Queen of the Arabian Sea” and is renowned for its history and cultural influences, including St. Francis Church built by the Portuguese and the Jewish Community’s seven synagogues, dating back to 1503 and the 12th century, respectively. An additional must-see is Petra, the Jordanian city designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is known as “Rose City” because it was made of rose-colored stone. To encounter the world and all it has to offer, there is no better way than traveling in the style and elegance a luxury cruise offers

Africa: A Region of Amazing Diversity

Africa: Region Amazing Diversity 502753517.jpeg Africa: A Region of Amazing Diversity A voyage to Africa will take you along the same route as early explorers from countries such as Portugal, The Netherlands, England, and Germany. Cruises to nations including Madagascar, Senegal, Mozambique, and Mauritius will allow you to witness the impact of colonialism alongside ancient tribal traditions. From South Africa’s green mountains to the desert land of Namibia, there is something for everyone. Chefs and foodies alike will want to stop on the magnificent tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, also known as “Spice Island” due to its abundance of valuable spices including cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Is a River Cruise Very Different from an Ocean Cruise?

Is a River Cruise Very Different from an Ocean Cruise? Although river cruises and ocean cruises share a number of similarities, there are also some — and considerable — differences between the two. Generally, ocean liners are inclined to be quite a bit bigger and you will find more amenities in your room. With their bigger size, they are able to carry many more people on board.River Cruise Different Ocean Cruise? 6565290074963.jpeg On river ships, since there are not as many people, the vibe is more familiar and you have more opportunity to really get to know fellow travelers. A second differing factor is that on a river cruise you are almost never traveling for a full day at a time, where ocean cruises are often on the open sea for a few days in a row. Passengers normally get to see a new port every day. The sensation of discovering new places is also felt while the ship is sailing since the outside view is constantly changing. If you are anxious you might get seasick, a river cruise is the way to travel because land is always in your line of vision, the water is not deep, and there is barely any turbulence. Then again, because they are larger, ocean cruises have a better selection of onboard offerings like live entertainment, gyms and fitness centers, and more variety of dining possibilities. But cruising on a river is convenient since the inclusive pricing packages mean you will have free Wi-Fi, all the water and other drinks you want (even alcohol), and interesting activities off-ship at specific destinations.

A Trip Made for You

A Trip Made for You Can you recall the greatest trip of your life?Trip Made 2593831787.jpg Why was it so memorable? Of course, the location played a big part. But, your travel partners played an even more essential role. At times, all you really want from a getaway is free time to enjoy with your friends and family. And other times, one goes on a trip to meet new people, and possibly even a new love interest.
Tailored travel is the ideal way to create your perfect vacation.
Standard itineraries are always available but planning a distinct one for you takes into consideration your time, interests and finances. Although, organizing a customized tour that ticks all the boxes can be a exhausting undertaking. This is when you realize that turning to a pro is the best solution. They will be able to address so many queries: how to choose a family vacation or find the right place for a romantic getaway, where to meet "people like you", the best way to see the world, and so much more. Many have specific hobbies, so personalized tour packages are ideal. They offer options that you just cannot get from a group tour. Travelers searching for a unique, immersive experience, like the adventurers, foodies and historians of the world, will find that an individually designed travel program the best option. Wildlife photography is a great example of this kind of travel program. Getting that perfect shot is mostly a game of holding out, something that can be hard on your average excursion. However, a photography expedition is designed to make sure you get all the time you need to take that once-in-a-lifetime shot. This kind of program is also great for birdwatchers. Inspirational words from Robert Lynd were dead on; “In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence”. A private tour allows birders, as they are known, to spend more time looking for that evasive bird without being rushed by a group.
It's About Time.
How long do you want to take off and what will your budget allow? Customized tours are 100% flexible and can be designed to meet these specifications. Maybe you are looking to go at a certain time of year to visit a local event? Travel experts can help you with all of this. A customized trip means you can enjoy what you really love to do the way you want to do it.
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